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Crowdfunding meets innovation

Innofy is an innovation management software which uses similar principles to our tried and tested Crowdfunding technology. Employees are able to present ideas and innovative suggestions and within a defined time-frame discuss, assess and implement these ideas together as a work-force.

Internal Innovation

through the knowledge of employees in your company.


Our solution adapts
to your requirements.

A glance at the projects

Which projects are being discussed?

Analysis & Evaluation

Which projects were successfully implemented?

From ideas to
concrete projects!


Adjustment and checking phase

Employees submit an idea through the platform and after an internal check, it is posted.


Discussion and voting phase

The employees of your company have the opportunity to discuss an idea and then vote on it.


Decision and implementation phase

A responsible decision about the implementation of the idea is reached and this is communicated over the platform

Companies already using Crowdtechnology

Financing of independant Institutions through a centralized platorm and collective marketing operations.


Individual Sparkassen institutions post ideas for marketing or sales operations on the platform.


Other responsible institutions are then able to participate in the financing of these ideas.


Successfully financed ideas can then be communially implemented.

Employees post ideas on a centralised platform and discuss and evaluate them.


Employees are able to post ideas and suggestions for innovation on the platform. After being checked, these are then published.


Other employees can then discuss and assess these ideas within a specified time period.


The best suggestions are reviewed by a group of experts who examine their viability and then implement them.

Innovative project suggestions are examined and financed by employees over an internal platform.


All Company employees are endowed with a virtual sum of money.


This can be invested in the innovative projects of other employees.


Members of management can then identify promising ideas and if desired, implement them.

Turn employees into analyists!

Your employees have brilliant ideas
which you can use!

Basic advanced professional

Personal Innovation Platform

  • Submit ideas and projects
  • Voting function
  • Comment function
  • Overview page with filter function


Video intergration

  • Integration of external videos

Automated emails

Share function

  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email

Message system

  • Internal messaging for users

Watch ideas

  • Automated emails for Idea updates

Newsletter system

  • Automatically generated and sent weekly/monthly newsletter


  • Reports of new users and new ideas


  • Data exports of all users, ideas and projects.

User Frontend

  • Ideas and projects can be edited by users

Payment Processing (Crowdfunding)

  • Via PayPal


* we can of course build a platform designed to fit your specific requirements.

Best Case:


"The platform integrates the different institutions active in the marketing and sales process and provides the opportunity to discuss and finance new or innovative ideas. Consequently we have heightened our efficiency and transparency, saved valuable time and simplified the financial processes."

Alexander Woletz, Project manager, central portal of the Sparkassen-Finanzportal GmbH

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